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x2x Example. Building the IPM file

The x2x application is used widely in the IPM file creation procedures. The XML-coded original transaction messages and addendum data could be packaged into the valid IPM file by using xml2ipm process built around the x2x techniques. The figures below highlight the key principles used in building the IPM XML file

xml2ipm - from XML to a native blocked binary IPM form

Figure 2a.
The XML-coded message has a structure, illustrated below, where all 'id' attributes are equal to the particular IPM DE, PDS or their sub-elements numbers, exactly as in the IPM format specifications

This x2x function has a right to reject a message. In this case it generates two separate files

  • accepted messages
  • rejected messages

The reject of 1240-200 message triggers the rejects of all 'linked' addendum - 1644-696 messages.

The reject of 1644-696 message triggers the rejects of all 'linked' 1240-200 and 1644-696 messages.