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ISO8583-based MasterCard IPM files should have a data format, unified for all x2x-based conversion processes.

  • A special 4-byte marker called RDW (Record Descriptor Word) appears before each IPM Message
  • Data Encoding: EBCDIC

Figure 6.

RDW executable for Windows is an utility to convert files in common RDW format to other desired network tape/block formats and vice-versa

  • RDW --- CRLF
  • add/remove tape markers (MasterCard Network constraint of 1014 bytes)

Example: rdw.exe -s <InFile> -m elm -c <OutFile> -p el -l
converts 1014-bytes marked EBCDIC file (often called VBS in MasterCard wording) to RDW-only EBCDIC format, suitable for x2x operations