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Extra facilities

APIoptima. IRDoptima extra facilities are build on top of the developer-oriented API, called APIoptima. APIoptima allows users to incorporate the IRDoptima MasterCard functionality in its processing chain.
The introduction is available in [printer friendly] and [html] forms

IRDoptima suite. End-user extra facilities, provided by IRDoptima and wrapped into the web-based solution called IRDoptima suite, provide users with the ability:

  • to query any MasterCard MPE table
  • to determine the best IRD tiers per assigned MCC (Merchant Category Code)
  • to provide Merchant or its provider with detailed recommendations for the data capture and authorization equipment to obtain the best IRD or the lowest contractual margin
  • to measure and forecast the financial target for particular Merchant Category
  • and many others by the statistical data, capturing on every optimization run