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The IRDoptima, IPM flavour

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The key objective of the IRDoptima package is to assist Acquiring Member to generate more profit by assigning the most incentive IRD – the Interchange Rate Designator.

IRDoptima takes the member file, addressed to the clearing network, performs the analysis of every data element for every transaction and calculates the best valid IRD.


Depending on the configuration options, IRDoptima can do the following actions, for every record where better IRD is possible

  • reject the record
  • correct the record by changing the PDS0158-SF04 (IRD)
  • keep record unchanged but issue an 'advice' – a clone of the original with modified PDS0158-SF04

IRD optima can also trace the decision making process for the audit purposes

The essential part of MasterCard rules comes from its famous MPE tables. IRDoptima uses the following tables to get necessary info to make the proper decisions:

  • IP0040T1 – Account Ranges
  • IP0041T1 – BINs
  • IP0052T1 – Interchange Fee Group
  • IP0053T1 – Interchange Fee Type
  • IP0057T1 – Interchange Override Fee Group
  • IP0075T1 – Card Acceptor Business Codes
  • IP0090T1 – Issuer Account Range Brand and BS Arrangement Participation
  • IP0091T1 – Acquiring BIN Brand and BS Arrangement Participation
  • IP0093T1 – Intra-country Business Services
  • IP0094T1 – Geographic Restrictions
  • IP0095T1 – Card Acceptor Business Program Restrictions
  • IP0096T1 – Brand and Product Restrictions
  • IP0098T1 – Processing Code Restrictions