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The concept

The key objective of any business is to generate profit, in other words, to run the most effective solution at the lowest possible cost. And this is the key idea of every one of our applications – to deliver effective and reasonable-cost software solutions. We insist – it works! – and we do not deliver excess functionality, as it is a shame to charge for what would never be used!


The Chip-and-stripe group is specialized in developing and supporting the light-weight self-sufficient reasonable-cost end-user utilities

  • Every software application is a turn-key solution with well-defined functionality.
  • Every software application can be used as a stand-alone solution without any third-party licenses costs.
  • We do our best and believe that each one of our programs is a little masterpiece in its field


The Product Line

We consider the following products as the most appealing:

  • The e-Route bundle - an on-line transformation and routing system, born as a response to the French requirements to have a low-cost solution to interact with Visa and MasterCard networks, while keeping the French native e-RSB protocol. Special thanks are to the SEPA, for their initiative to act as a catalyst of the interest to low-cost but flexible on-line routing systems. e-Route is also able to transform on-line various POS protocols, as well as to act (in 'industrial' mode) as an engine for stand-alone CAT machines and kiosks.
  • The x2x converters family. These programs transform various clearing messages from one dialect (or system) to another. It was the event of GCMS landing to Europe who initiated the development of the system, capable to receive ECCF messages and convert them into IPM and vice versa. Leaving the chance for the legacy systems to keep talking ECCF while interfacing to GCMS with the full spectrum of new features. There are few systems even nowadays, operating in the retired Euro pay world. We use the x2x concept to convert their traffic to ECCF and to IPM and present it to the GCMS and then transform the IPM coded GCMS files back to ECCF.
  • The IRDoptima project and its MasterCard sleeve in particular are(with two autarkic but associated products – the MPEexplorer and MPEloader). We support these two systems not only because of client requirements, but also for the love of the game – we wish to know how far humanity could travel with each architectural essay of GCMS builders.

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