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eRoute as a stress-test engine

February 28, 2011 

PayFair (, probably the most promising European SEPA-compliant card scheme, starts making the global stress-test of its new core on-line switching platform. eRoute acts as an engine to generate the desired spectrum of the desired loading type, defined on a 'per-minute' basis, to emulate the heavy European real-time peak traffic. 

10.2 EDP loader (VISA)

October 05, 2010

Licensed users should visit the <a href="/?q=support">SUPPORT</a> section to get the new .odf to support changes to the Edit Package ARDEF Table

IRDoptima 'guest' services

March 16, 2010

We are happy to announce the 'guest' services of our IRDoptima project. As from release 10.1 every institution can test their IPM files without signing a long-term commercial agreement. We arrange an application to mask your sencitive data, you give us a file, we give you advices. A short-term commerce to bring long-term benefits.