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12.1 Support

Last VI and MC release updates have been published few days ago. Licensed x2x users are invited to visit their support section to get the recent updates, related to the coming April 2012 release. eRoute users will be contacted as usual by our support specialists.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Dear Friends,
We close our activity for this year. We were trying to be efficient - e-Profix recovered more than 200K Euro of overpaid interchange for Visa brand, e-Route routes well, IRDoptima went to the LA region ...
We'll also try to be efficient on holidays, so we say
Meilleurs Voeux - Best Wishes - Feliz Ano Novo - С Новым Годом - З Новим Роком - Besten Wünsche 
С Новым Годом - З Новим Роком - Besten Wünsche 

 Of course, our support cell remains open.

11.2 Support

September 19, 2011 Dear x2x, IRDoptima, eProfix users. Please, visit the SUPPORT section to get the latest October'2011 release support files