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E-ROUTE version 1.0 support has ended

As previously announced, we discontinue support for our E-ROUTE version 1.0 platform. Please, consider moving to E-ROUTE version 2.x and youl'be surprised what E-ROUTE can do for you today. Please also note that E-ROUTE 1.1 support will also be discontinued soon, from 01 December 2015.


The awaiting Java 8 arrives at last! A true positive story, same date to dilute the Crimea.RU transitin event ...
This allows us to make available the new release of our E-ROUTE engine version 2.

This version is much more powerful and reach in functionality. It allows, besides other

  • easy clustering and independent gate configurations
  • Groovy as a new langage to build and manage the message processing rules
  • DBMS connection pool and persistency for MPL and Groovy
  • And what is more important - E-ROTE is becoming open! As from this version experienced end-users can build their own stages for message processing, using pure Java or Groovy languages