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About Chip & Stripe project

The Chip-n-Stripe project is a visible result of our experience and know-how accumulated over more than fifteen years.

The first bank-card oriented processing solution has been developed by our team members in 1991.

The group is focused on delivering the project management and personalised development services for processing-enabled companies:

  • performance improvement of risk and operational services
  • decision analysis
  • infrastructure projects, such as migration from legacy systems to modern ones
  • third-party product or service implementation, often with specific development to fit the core processes
  • 'high-end' tuning and recovering of legacy bank-card software application 'dinosaurs', still very good in the quality of core functions but lacking modern functionality - EMV, e-Commerce, SEPA and similar

As the result of our activities in Europe, UK and Russia, we have acquired a significant amount of hidden features of international payment schemes and key software vendors.

We realise that there is a niche for professional services in the area of high-end tuning of running systems, organised in a way, totally transparent to the end-user and 100% neutral to its existing main vendor, so most of our methodologies and products primarily address this sector.

We always respect and observe all local policies regarding local staff and vendor relations. Our emergency team arrives, confronts and resolves the problem or runs the project using methodologies ranging from the well-known PRINCE2 and EU Commission "project cycle management guidelines" to the end-user own procedures. The team leaves leaving behind all the knowledge and sources, making it look as if a local user team did the job. The post-implementation support is always available.

COO & Project Coordinator